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Server Room Build Log – Building the Rack Frame

Posted on: May 13th, 2012 by Child of the Sunfish

The C-Bus panel being installed and wired

The above panels will give me 12 channels to use. The server room will require a channel for red lights, blue lights, picture lights and room lights, so four in total. The remaining channels I can use in the rumpus room to create theatre lighting, or in the master bedroom. I will also need a relay to switch non-dimmable things like monitors and the LED strips in the comms rack.

The frame being built for the rack and the alarm cables being roughed in.

The holes cut out for the lighting and adding some power & data points

The wall being built around the rack. There are two intake fans at the bottom of the rack, and six exhaust fans at the top that will keep air flowing in the rack. In the ceiling there will be a 300mm extraction fan that will be ducted to the eaves outside, so it won’t just pump the hot air into the roof space. It will be controlled by a thermostat switch. The image on the right is the layout of the room.

Server Room Build Log

Posted on: May 13th, 2012 by Child of the Sunfish

This is a write-up of the construction of my server & games room at my new house.

So this room is basically a study/computer room, but I don’t want it to be just another room so I’ve decided to make a bit of a feature out of it. The room will feature a built-in comms rack, red/blue feature lighting and C-Bus control for the lighting and some other functions. The room will be painted black and the carpet will be a nice charcoal colour. I’ll also update the cornices, floor skirting and architraves to something modern, and replace the door. This will set the precedent for the rest of the house.
I don’t do things in halves, so I have hired a chippy, a plasterer and a painter. I am an A class electrician, a C-Bus approved installer, an ACMA Open Registered (Austel) cabler with endorsements in coax and structured cabling, and I have a bachelors degree in IT so I will be doing the electrics, server configuration and data/tv/phone/surround sound cabling myself. I also have around 7 years in stage lighting, both paid and unpaid, doing rigging, operations and lighting design for plays, live concerts, guest speakers and series’ that are recorded and sold, so I will be doing the coloured feature lighting myself as well.

My main inspiration for this room is my time in stage lighting and some of the interesting setups I have seen in my work as a data technician and electrician, and I wanted something that would reflect my interest in lighting (coloured feature lights), electrical (C-Bus) and IT (comms rack).

I need to incorporate my comms rack, which will host the 20+ cat6 data points in the house, filtered and unfiltered phone lines for a modem, the rack-mounted switch, the surveillance camera DVR, an 8-way HDMI splitter for distributing XBMC to the TV’s in the house, my server, a UPS and an ADSL2+ modem. Later on there will be a multi-room audio matrix switcher and a foxtel box will another 8-way HDMI splitter (future). The comms rack will be built into the wall of the room for that fully integrated look, and the house alarm system will be hidden behind the rack. The surveillance DVR will be connected to the alarm and will be capable of tripping it if the DVR detects that any of the cameras have gone offline.
C-Bus will be installed into the room and will be able to control the blue and red feature lighting of the room, the comms rack and my PC case window lights. There will also be a games mode, a movie mode and of course regular room lighting. The lights will automatically fade up when the door is opened. If I disconnect the PC case to go to a LAN, the PC lights will return to normal on/off switching via the existing switch underneath the case. There will also be picture lights that will light up the 2.6m wide poster of BF3 (it takes up almost the entire wall) that will be professionally framed.

The current setup!

The server room at the very start of the rennovation (after the C-Bus panel has been installed), and some sample cornices

Train Horn Writeup Part 2 of 2: Installation

Posted on: June 20th, 2011 by Child of the Sunfish

This is part 2 of the train horn writeup. Part 1 can be found here.

Once I had all the bits, it was time to install them. Firstly, a clean workspace needed to be made.

Next, the compressor.

The compressor required some thought because it had 4 screws welded to the bottom of it, so bolting it straight to the chassis was not a possibility as it was not possible to get to the otherside of the chassis and tighten the nuts. I got 2 x 250mm lengths of gal dipped unistrut from work (shown below) and drilled 4 holes for each screw, which allowed me to bolt the compressor to the unistrut. This meant though that when the compressor was in use it would vibrate and make quite the racket against the steel unistrut. The solution was to obtain some rubber strips with a sticky side to put between the compressor and the unistrut.

The unistrut was then bolted down to the chassis of the car, as per below. The air tank was able to be bolted directly to the car as it had mounting holes, and this was installed on the other side of the sub. The rubber hosing shown in the pic will be fastened somehow, but I’ll worry about this later on. (more…)

Train Horn Writeup Part 1 of 2: Components

Posted on: June 19th, 2011 by Child of the Sunfish

This is a write-up for my train horn, which I installed into my BF mk II XR6. It consists of 2 bells, a quad tone train horn and a dual tone truck horn and is operated via a momentary pushbutton switch, which is mounted just below the steering wheel. This is to keep the factory horn in tact and avoid unecessary trouble from the man.

I thought it would be cool to install a train horn into my car, as I did with my old car, only with a few upgrades this time. I still had all of the components from last time however I needed new tubing and I wanted to install all of the wiring properly. In the picture below you can see the original truck horn that I had installed in my AU Fairmont. There are 3 components to this project; the air tank, air compressor and of course the air horn itself, or bell. (more…)

Redbull Xbox LAN Action

Posted on: June 7th, 2011 by Child of the Sunfish

As per usual, team Redbull dominates the charts at a LAN held on the 3rd June 2011. The usual outcome of our sessions of course. All 4 Redbull members had higher scores than the highest scoring member of the opposition.