Server Room Build Log – The Finishing touches

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by Child of the Sunfish

Some finishing touches for the room, for that professional feel:

A Clipsal 56 Series captive outlet with screw plug – This will ensure that the power plug doesn’t accidentally get ripped out.

Some C-Bus connections have been added to the patch panel, which allows for the patching of a c-bus network interface to any data point in the house, or easily adding C-bus devices into the rack, such as a wiser unit.

A C-Bus Wiser unit has also been added to the install; this is mainly to allow for the control of the C-Bus network from an iPhone, which means pressing “watch movie” on the phone from the comfort of your chair and having the lights dim. I would recommend Wiser to anyone with or considering a C-Bus network. The Wiser is also a wireless router (NOT a modem) that can replace your existing wireless router or work in addition to. Since I have a Netgear DGND3700 I want to use that and use just the C-Bus connectivity of this Wiser.

The Wiser unit is sitting just below the switch, on top of the HDMI splitter.

Below shows an additional light switch which is identical to the LCD switch shown in a previous post (without the screen of course) but this is accessible from the comfort of my chair. Just to the right of that is a C-Bus network point for programming new devices or updating the network.