Server Room Build Log – Lighting

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by Child of the Sunfish

Lighting is a major part of a room. Particularly for a stage, lighting can really add that wow factor when done properly. It’s only fitting then that proper lighting be done in the server room.

There will be regular white room lights, as well as red and blue feature lighting, which is my favourite colour combination as you get irregular splashes of purple when the two colours overlap. Matching the shades of colour is also important for a consistent effect. There will also be white picture lights to highlight the posters. Finally, there will be red and blue LED strip lighting inside the rack and behind the security panel. There is already red and blue lighting in the window of my case that will complement the new lighting beautifully.

The coloured lights are just downlights with stage lighting gels inserted into them. brushed aluminium downlights have been used throughout the room as the metallic silver stands out nicely against the black roof. As the gel is pressed to the very hot glass surface of the light, they have a tendancy to melt, so it’s not possible to use 50w globes. Even 35w was too bright, so I had to use 20w globes and install more of them. Red is very bright and is usually overpowering, whilst blue does not spill out very well and is overpowered by the red. Hence in the picture below, there is one red light to three blue ones.

The lighting effect reflected from the slab. So far so good. It will be interesting to see how it looks once the other effect lighting, carpet and furniture is installed.

Next up is the picture lighting. These are 4 x 20w gimble downlights, which means they are tiltable. 2 lights are for the Battlefield 3 poster, one for my uni degree, cert III and c-bus accreditations and one more for another poster, which at the moment is a map of Skyrim.

(BF pic was taken after the room is finished)

Finally, the LED strips for the rack and security panel are installed:

(These pics were taken after the room is finished)

The strip lighting comes up very nicely, and in the case of the security monitor has the added bonus of reducing eye strain as it’s now backlit. The LEDs are very cheap to run, 5m of LEDs is 24w, so the ~10m that has been installed comes to 48w, or one downlight. That’s for 10m, so the cost ratio is very cheap.

Almost there! Only have to finish up the loose ends, get the carpet in and we’re on!