Server Room Build Log – Installing the Rack and Finishing off Loose Ends

Posted on: June 5th, 2012 by Child of the Sunfish

The rack has been installed, and now the fitoff of the patch panel and installation of the equipment can begin.

Now that the rack has been installed, the architraves and skirting can be finished. The gap above the rack (centre photo) will be filled in.

The patch panels, cables managers, switch and security DVR. The front of the rack with the work light on (and a temporary monitor), and of course the black blind to suit the rest of the room.

Fitting off the power and data points:

From top-left in a clockwise direction: filtered phone, MATV (television), surround left and surround right speaker terminals, 4 x data points, and a powerpoint. The speaker terminals, phone and tv points were unfortunately not available in black, but it doesn’t look too bad and these plates are hidden underneath the desk anyway.

Installing the security monitor:

Now I can keep an eye on the house and see if anyone is at the front door with an easy glance. That monitor used to be white, had to do a quick monitor paint mod.

The carpet is installed!

Almost there! Check back soon as I will have the finished pictures posted.