Server Room Build Log – Getting Everything Black

Posted on: May 13th, 2012 by Child of the Sunfish

Because the walls, ceiling, window blinds, cornices, skirting/archs will all be painted black, anything else that’s going into the room will need to be match. The ducted air grill, and security PIR, the plastic cover on the motion sensor, even the switchboard cover all need to be sprayed. The plasticware is easy, just apply light coats of spray paint until coated. Not too much though, otherwise the paint will sag and cracks of the original colour will show through.
Some of the gear after painting

The table however, is a different beast. As it’s wood it needs to be sanded right back, primed and sealed, and then painted with a protective enamel oil based paint. I had to borrow a proper belt sander from a carpenter mate at work, and then I damn near called in sick for the rest of the week because the bloody thing almost ripped my arms off. Protip, when painting with a brush, do long strokes so you can’t see the marks.

In the picture above, those white legs are not the proper ones. That is my now-black table top sitting on top of an old hardwood table. The legs to my table are black, steel and sleek.