Server Room Build Log – Building the Rack Frame

Posted on: May 13th, 2012 by Child of the Sunfish

The C-Bus panel being installed and wired

The above panels will give me 12 channels to use. The server room will require a channel for red lights, blue lights, picture lights and room lights, so four in total. The remaining channels I can use in the rumpus room to create theatre lighting, or in the master bedroom. I will also need a relay to switch non-dimmable things like monitors and the LED strips in the comms rack.

The frame being built for the rack and the alarm cables being roughed in.

The holes cut out for the lighting and adding some power & data points

The wall being built around the rack. There are two intake fans at the bottom of the rack, and six exhaust fans at the top that will keep air flowing in the rack. In the ceiling there will be a 300mm extraction fan that will be ducted to the eaves outside, so it won’t just pump the hot air into the roof space. It will be controlled by a thermostat switch. The image on the right is the layout of the room.